Wilmington, North Carolina

Welcome to the good life of Wilmington, North Carolina and the surrounding beaches and family oriented communities. A wonderful place to live!

Wilmington, sitting by the Cape Fear River, has a walkable downtown with a beautiful riverfront, including hundreds of shops, restaurants and small businesses. Friendly and well-cultured, there is enough diversity that appeals to everyone.

The climate. Ah, the climate! A freezing temperature is rarely reached here. Sunshine is the dominant weather feature.

Often called “Hollywood East”, Wilmington is known as a film and TV center. Hundreds of movies and TV shows have been produced here.

Pristine Wrightsville Beach is only a few short miles away, along with colorful Carolina Beach and the family-oriented Kure Beach. Swimming, boating and beach sand are matched nowhere on the East Coast.

Healthcare has been expanded to every section of the county. New Hanover Regional Medical Center is one of the best hospitals in the Southeast and there are numerous facilities that cater to retirees.

UNC-Wilmington, located in the center of New Hanover County, has consistently been voted one of the very top regional universities in the nation.
The New Hanover County public school system is one of the best in the state.

The well-run Wilmington International Airport is only 15 minutes away from most anywhere in New Hanover County, convenient to all travelers.

The lifestyle – beaches, great climate, well-run government, modern family facilities, outstanding restaurants, countless cultural activities – has lured many professional and well-known personalities to our area.

A wonderful atmosphere to raise a family or to just enjoy the good life!